Ernis Crow

13 Apr 2011 10:54 am

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Sikina, 13 Apr 2011 11:17 am     Reply

Name: Ernis Crow
Physical Age: 16
Race: Demonic Crow
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 5'6"/ 118 lb
Occupation: Student

Likes: Being alone, quiet places, sweets, cute things, flowers, dressing up like a boy, sleeping, baggy clothes

Dislikes: Being girly, skirts/dresses, makeup, homework, someone plucking off feathers from her head, people stealing her sweets, heights

Bio: A tomboy who usually doesn't get along well with others. Mostly girls due to her threatening attitude especially if they're the type to pick on her, she will not care if she'll get into a fight if it has to come down to give people the picture not to mess with her. However she does try to do her best in school... despite having fail grades, she'll still try her best.

And she doesn't care what others think about her.

Horah, I made a girl ouo;;;

Advertisement, 29 Nov 2015 12:56 am     Reply

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User Comments:

mr.mushroom, 13 Apr 2011 01:01 pm     Reply

Horay for a girl OuO!
She looks like a badass!

Sikina, 13 Apr 2011 05:42 pm     Reply

Haha thanks xDD

pawn3dkitty, 13 Apr 2011 08:14 pm     Reply

She dislikes heights? XDDD

ninjaounk, 14 Apr 2011 07:06 pm     Reply

cool cool cool
cool cool cool
cool cool cool

Sikina, 15 Apr 2011 07:53 pm     Reply

@pawn- Yesh, wanted to give her that little flaw 'v'

@Ninja- Thanks xDD

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